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Apricot Solar Referral Program

Want to help your customers, employees, team, or members save money and increase your own income and bottom line? Partner with us! We have designed the most lucrative solar referral program in the industry.

Our goal is to increase residential solar adoption in the United States from the current 3% of homes to 40% in the next decade. To do that we must provide the best equipment, pricing, and service in the industry. And we need you to join us in the effort.

We are offering an average of $2,500* for every homeowner referral that results in a solar installation on their home!

Team Builders in Direct Sales and Network Marketers

If you have built a team to sell a specific product, your team interacts with homeowners regularly. If they simply refer that homeowner to us by getting their utility bill, we close the sale, and they get a sizable referral fee. And you get a bonus for bringing your team member to us!

Home Improvement Contractors (Roofers, HVAC, Alarms, Pool Service, Landscaping, more)

Your homeowners trust your advice. Ask your customers if they would like to see how much they could save by going solar. Get their utility bill to us and when they go solar, you can earn on average $2,500*.

Real Estate Agents

When you sell a home, you become a trusted advisor to your buyer. They may not have a utility bill with enough data until they’ve been in the home for 90 days. But what a great time to call and check in on them and ask if they’d like to lower their energy bill. What if you could add substantially to the commission you made on the home sale?

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Would you like to help your employees save money on their utility bills? You could even offer some of the solar referral fee back to them as a bonus and incentive for going solar.

Non-profits, Education, and Churches

People that support and are part of your organization are realizing the high cost of energy and are looking for ways to save money. What if we could help them lower their energy cost and help your organization at the same time?

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*The average commission on a solar sale is $5,000. An Affiliate who refers a homeowner that installs a solar system on their home, will receive 50% of the commission or on average, $2500.