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Certified & Trained Solar Advisors

Congratulations on Becoming a Certified Trainer with Apricot Solar

If you have passed your Certified Trainer's Test, you are now a Trainer. Congratulations! There is some work to be done to get set up to have full access to the full Freedom System to be able to do solar system designs and proposals. See below.

Your opportunity with Apricot just became limitless. You can make full commissions on your own sales. You can do split commission sales with Trainees on your team and never have to get another lead again. And you can build your team to do enough solar installs (40 install points in a 60-day period) to reach Junior Partner and get overrides on all your team sales.

If you are not yet a Trainer and want to learn how to become one, visit Solar Sales Training and refer to the Trainer requirements at the bottom of the page.

How to Get Access to
the Freedom Forever Portal

Click the image to the right to download the instructions


Apricot email

Getting Your Apricot Email Address

When your Trainer submits you to become a Trainer, you are issued an Apricot email address.

Trainers, submit your new Trainers to Scott Meszaros @Scotty Mesz in the WhatsApp Trainers Group.

  • The login info will be sent to your personal email on file with Apricot.
  • You will log in to your Apricot email via Zimbra to find information to access the Freedom Forever portal.
  • You will create a Freedom Forever profile.
  • You will then receive an invitation in your Apricot email to complete the Freedom Forever training via EdApp.


EdApp Training

You can complete this approximate 3-hour training via your phone or PC. You will then be granted full access to the Freedom Forever system which includes the Aurora software to build designs and proposals. The system also is integrated with Mosaic, our finance company. You are then ready to complete solar designs and proposals.

Once you've completed EdApp Training you will be granted access to the entire Freedom portal, Aurora software, and Mosaic. SunRun training and access will also be granted via your Apricot email.

Ask your upline Trainer to get you added to the Trainers Group in WhatsApp to stay connected to discussions between Trainers and helpful tips.

solar advisors training


WhatsApp for Trainers

Once you become a Trainer ask your upline Trainer to get you added to the Trainer WhatsApp group. This, in addition to attending the Trainers Zoom Calls each Monday and Thursday at 1 pm are your source for communication, updates, and more.


The Trainers Email List

If you are currently a Trainer or once you become one, please send me an email at so I can add you to our email list to receive emails only for Trainers.


Training for New Certified Trainers

So, now you have passed your Certified Trainers exam, your Freedom Forever online training, and have full access to the Freedom Forever portal including Aurora and Mosiac.

Now you need to learn how to analyze utility bills, research utility companies and state solar policies, build system designs, price them out, and work with the different Mosiac finance products.

Wow! How do you learn all that? Let's first take you through the preliminary steps and make sure you are set up with all the new tools available to you. Go through this page step by step. Then you'll get to the training section.

Video Training for Certified Trainers 
Further down on this page, you will see videos on all aspects of a sales proposal and Energy Savings Analysis. Watch those videos. Get a working knowledge of each section.

Live Training for Certified Trainers
Here is the Training Schedule for Certified Trainers. These sessions are helpful when you are first learning how to do system designs as well as when you have a challenging project that you need help with.

Tuesday at 3 pm Eastern
Thursday at 3 pm Eastern
Saturday at 3 pm Eastern
You must first register and schedule for any of the above 3 training sessions by visiting

Dan Bernhardt also conducts similar training.
Monday at 9 pm Eastern
Wednesday at 9 pm Eastern
Join via Zoom using Zoom ID 612-812-6211


State Licensing Information

Some states/cities require certification or licenses to sell solar.
Click below to get the information to obtain your license.

Licensed Trainers

If you have been presented with a utility bill from a state for which you do not yet have a license, please contact one of the Trainers below for help. Please do not use a Trainer outside of our team. It is important to keep the sales and installation points awarded by Apricot Solar on our team. If you have one of these licenses and are not listed, please contact me to be added.

Randall Armande
Milton Duerod
Dale Guiducci
Tony Camilleri
Milton Duerod
Dale Guiducci
Tony Camilleri
Kendra Pack


The City of Milwaukee
Nassau County - New York
Jamie Latinsky
Suffolk County - New York
Jamie Latinsky
Kendra Pack


Recruiting through Job Ads

You can run ads on Craigslist, LinkedIn, Indeed, ZipRecruiter, and other job ad sites to build your team of Solar Advisors. However, YOU MUST RUN ONLY THE APPROVED AD. Compliance in this area is critical to your continued involvement with Apricot Solar. Below is the approved ad.

Solar Sales from Home! – Top Commissions in the US! – Earn While You Learn! -or-

Remote Solar Sales! - Highest Paying in the USA! - Work From Home


We pay our sales reps an average of $5,500 dollars per sale via Unlimited commissions, (the highest in our industry) and that is WITHOUT door knocking or cold calling

Our solar install company is top 3 in the USA, currently recognized on the INC. 5000 list as one of the fastest-growing companies in the US, rated A+ by the Better Business Bureau, has tens of thousands of happy 5-star clients, and generated over $800 million in sales revenue last year.

According to the US government, the solar industry is growing 12 times faster than the rest of the economy because by switching to solar energy, homeowners lower their energy bill, save tens of thousands of dollars, increase their home value, and can do it with zero out of pocket costs.

We take a very unique educational and 'soft sell' approach in helping homeowners, which results in an average total financial benefit of over $100,000+ for our clients.

We have no traditional redline, so you are able to beat any competitive quote with our price match guarantee.

We also have an innovative and proven FREE warm market lead generation system, that allows you to have more referrals and sales than you can possibly get to.

We are a 100% virtual company, so you can work right from your own home, anywhere in the world that has an internet connection.

We have an 'earn while you learn' solar trainee program, with world-class live online training and certification, so you can start making money immediately.

As a trained solar advisor, you can earn an average of $5,500 a sale and as a sales manager you can earn a very high 6 figure yearly income with management overrides and bonuses

No experience is necessary, because we take an educational approach to help our clients, however, we are very selective and only seek candidates that are very honest, ambitious, teachable, and have good people skills

We are hiring both English and Spanish-speaking solar advisors

Because of the overwhelming response to our ads, interviews are on a first come, first serve basis.

For more information please reply to this ad right away.

Thank You,

National Hiring Manager


Solar Proposal Training

The Freedom Forever portal and software is a brilliant system that integrates information about where we install, market guides on each state, the ability to create solar designs, system pricing, and financing options. The first time you use the system it may seem overwhelming. However, from a navigational standpoint, it is set up very logically and is user-friendly.

To help you understand the Freedom portal and to guide you on what to do to prepare a proposal there are 3 videos below. Please encourage your Trainees to watch these videos as well so they gain perspective on what you need and what you do to prepare a proposal for their customers. It will also give them a head start if they choose to also become a certified, trained Solar Advisor.

There is also a 4th video that will help you understand how to walk a sale through the Freedom Forever system to installation. Lastly, you will have a link to my Calendly calendar so if you need help on a solar design or a proposal or in getting a project to the next stage, you can schedule some time with me to get some help.


Building a Proposal

STEP 1 - How to Analyze a Utility Bill

What you'll learn in this video is that before you even open the Freedom portal to begin a solar design you must analyze the utility bill. Inputting the correct kWhs used by your customer annually and the price that they are paying per kWh is vital in building a system that meets their needs.

Download this Solar Proposal Intake Form. It will help you analyze utility bills and much more.


STEP 2- Using the Sales Resource Center

Before you begin building your solar design you will need to gather some vital information to ensure you add the appropriate costs to your project and learn about state and utility company policies.


Step 3- The Design and System Pricing

Ok, now you're to the fun part. This video will show you how to create a lead, enter utility usage info, add solar panels, and price out a system. Enjoy!


A Deep Dive Into System Design by Dan Bernhardt


Project Scope of Work Revisions

This video was produced by Freedom Forever. It will give you some specifics on how to make changes to a project once you have made the sale. This can be the most difficult part of a Solar Advisors job. So, if you get stuck don't get frustrated. Use the Calendly link below to schedule some time with me via Zoom. We'll figure it out together or we'll call in the big guns!

If you decide to outsource your project management it will still be useful to understand how this aspect of project management works.


Help with Your Solar Projects

Designing the solar system, creating the proposal, making the presentation, and closing the sale is only part of selling solar. We must also walk the project through to installation and take care of many items that involve the homeowners along the way.

Although I can't say that I am an expert, I do have some experience with many of the aspects of taking a project from a utility bill to installation. I want to help you when it's time for you to do the same.

So, if you need my help in looking at any aspect or phase of a project, use the link below to schedule time with me. We'll hop on a Zoom and I'll see what I can do to offer suggestions or help in general.


Building the Sales Presentation

As mentioned above, Team Fast and Furious members like us have the option to outsource the work of building the proposal and the sales presentation you will use to present to homeowners.

Team Fast and Furious have developed a sales presentation format that is simple and nearly automatically built for you by using Jotform. You can see that format here.

The presentation built in Jotform is adequate but in the opinion of many is not as professional or informational as what is being used by competitors. When you first start out doing presentations you may want to use the format in Jotform. However, as you develop your skills we have another format that you may want to use.

This format is far less automated and therefore takes more of your time to prepare for a homeowner. But many feel that the extra time is worth it considering the commission that can be made on each sale.

To view this format, and eventually use it, you will need to download it from Google Drive. You will also need a corresponding Excel spreadsheet that will calculate many of the numbers you'll enter into the presentation format.

Download the Presentation Format

Download the Excel Spreadsheet

How to Build a Presentation

using the downloaded format and spreadsheet

This video will teach you how to fill out the presentation format using the corresponding spreadsheet you just down loaded. If you have any questions please reach out using our contact information at the bottom of every page.


How to Manage Projects and Resolve Tickets


Sunrun PPA Training

If you have a homeowner that cannot qualify for the tax credit or for whatever reason is opposed to purchasing a system, a Sunrun PPA (Power Purchase Agreement) is a great option.

A PPA may result in a lower monthly payment. It comes with maintenance and repair for 25 years, a 10-year roof penetration warranty, a monitoring system, and Vivant.

Sunrun is only available in certain states (18) and with only specific utility companies within that state. Click here for a complete list of states and utility companies that are current as of March 24, 2023.

Note- you must log into your Sunrun portal at minimum every 30 days or you will be locked out. If you get locked out chat with Sales Concierge for assistance.

  • A PPA is different from a lease in that the homeowner is not leasing the equipment. They are simply purchasing the power that the solar system produces. They still have the option, however, to buy out the agreement at year 5, year 10, and at the end of the 25-year agreement.
  • Sunrun does not do PPAs in Florida due to utility company policies. However, they will do a lease in Florida.
  • Freedom Forever will perform the installation and the homeowner will still have Freedom Forever 400W panels. However, Sunrun will manage and monitor the system after the installation.
  • If a battery backup is included in the design, Sunrun will warranty the battery for a full 25 years. That is not the case when purchasing a system.

You may also like that when building a proposal for a PPA through that it is built for you by Sunrun personnel. Yet you still have the flexibility of changing the design and pricing.

This video will walk you through the process of a PPA through Sunrun.

The Latest Sunrun PPA Training with Mark Lennox from Freedom Forever

March 24, 2023

More detailed Sunrun Training is also available at


The Impact of NEM 3.0 on California Solar Installations

On January 19th, 2023 Freedom Forever conducted a webinar outlining the impact of NEM 3.0 and how the company plans to handle the increased number of installations leading up to the date on which it takes effect, April 13th. Even if you do not plan on selling to California homeowners this is a good webinar for you to watch. You'll get a great explanation of Net Metering and Export Rate and the various uses and values of a battery backup. These topics are important for selling into any state.


ReImagine Roofing Webinar

Perhaps 30+% of your installations will require some roof work. So, selling solar also requires you to have some knowledge of roofing and how to get reroofing and roof work quotes quickly. ReImagine Roofing is a Freedom Forever partner and can assist you in multiple states with quotes in as little as 15 minutes. This webinar will not only share information on how to work with this company to provide solutions for your customers, but it will educate you on the different roof types that you will encounter. By clicking the image below you will be taken to a recording of this webinar. Enjoy!


A Quick Tutorial on Roof Underlayment (what goes under the tiles)

Roofing Bids

At some point, you'll have a homeowner that wants or needs a new roof. If they use one of our approved roofing contractors you can add the cost to the financing for the solar system!
Get a reroof quote FAST (in as little as 15 minutes) to include in a proposal!

SLACK is a communication portal and Apricot Solat has a group there. ReImagine Roofing is part of that group. You can simply request a reroof quote and provide an address. You'll have that quote FAST!

Email us and we'll get you invited into the Apricot Solar group on Slack. Then you just need to go to #roofing-bids