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Hi there. My name is Dale Guiducci. Along with my partner and wife, Shirley, and our business partner, Meredith Marder, we want to welcome you. Our journey to this point began with a friendship in 2012. Since that time we have ridden the tide in the financial services industry. However, the opportunity with solar has driven us into a new venture, home-based solar sales.

We are so excited to share this career opportunity with you. Whether you are looking for a part-time supplement to your income or a full-time career change, there is something here for you. This blog and website are here for you to explore. The content is directed at helping you make a decision on whether what we have is the right next move for you.

Our solar sales blog focuses on helping people understand the advantages and benefits of selling solar from home. You will see blog posts about our solar sales opportunity, building a solar sales team, the technology we use, solar sales training, and the ability to simply refer homeowners and get paid on every sale.

We are excited to use this platform to get the word out to people like you who may want to sell solar but do not want to walk the streets and knock on doors. Our training and technology create the opportunity for so many more people to join the solar revolution and help our country go solar.

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If you are interested in learning more about how to have your own solar business from home go to Solar Sales from Home to watch a business overview video. It is imperative that you see this video before speaking with us. You'll understand why once you've seen it 🙂 Then, schedule that appointment with us. We'd love to talk with you to answer any of your questions.