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Solar Sales Tools & Links

Solar sales tools are a valuable resource for you to stay organized and have everything in one place to build your remote solar business. If you have suggestions as to what we can add to make building your business more effective and efficient, just scroll to the bottom for my email address and phone number. Texts and emails are very welcome.

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Please note that as much as possible you want to work with your Trainer.
For general business questions please schedule time with your Trainer.
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If I am your Trainer, use these links freely.
Let's GO! I am here to help you build your business. 

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Help with Solar Projects

Trainers, if you are working on a design and having a difficult time with the pricing, it may be good to get another set of eyes on it. Sometimes a small adjustment in the energy usage or the number of panels makes a huge difference. Or, maybe you're not sure of what Mosaic financing product to use.

If you are needing help with a solar system design,
click below to schedule time with me.

Solar Business Conversation with a Recruit

If Dale Guiducci is your Trainer or if your Trainer is not available due to personal reasons, use this link for a 3-way meeting with your prospective recruit. You must be present at this meeting. Be sure that you have already sent them your affiliate link and that they have watched our business overview video. This meeting is not for doing a business presentation but simply to answer questions, explain more detail, and otherwise get them on board.

Energy Savings Analysis

If Dale Guiducci is your Trainer and has designed a solar system for your homeowner, use this link to schedule a presentation. Note- DO NOT send this link to your homeowner and have them choose the day and time. Call them and coordinate a meeting. Then place their email address and yours in the scheduler so you are aware of the meeting date and time. You, of course, must be present at this meeting.


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3-Minute Sizzle Video
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The Benefits of Going Solar

This link is to a 6-minute video that you can share with homeowners when calling them to get their electric bill. It is recommended that you schedule a quick Zoom meeting to play this video for them.

The Benefits of Going Solar

Company-Wide Zoom
Thursdays at 11:30 ET

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