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About Home-Based Solar Sales

Home Based Solar Sales
A New Way of Selling Solar

There is little doubt that America is going solar. But to speed up the process of helping our country become energy-independent, it was obvious that the solar industry has to change. The solar industry has been operating for decades under policies that do not benefit the homeowner or solar salespeople. Homeowners have been overcharged and salespeople underpaid.

We at Home Based Solar Sales have found two companies that share the same values and beliefs regarding how solar companies should be structured moving forward. Giving homeowners the best price possible and providing solar salespeople the opportunity to be paid fairly, does lower the profit of the solar company. However, by doing so, solar companies can gain more market share and help our country adopt solar at a much faster rate.

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Dale Guiducci, Shirley Guiducci. Meredith Marder of Home Based Solar Sales

Home Based Solar Sales is wholly owned by MMSG Sunpower, Inc. We are aligned with Freedom Forever, the #1 residential solar installation company in the country with 40+ locations serving 29 states, Washington, DC, and Puerto Rico. We also work with the top Master Dealer for Freedom Forever, Apricot Solar. Both of these companies provide us and our customers with a level of technology, forward-thinking, and customer service unmatched in the solar industry.