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9 Reasons Door to Door Solar Sales is No Longer the Best Way to Sell Solar

If you’re considering a solar sales career and asking yourself why solar companies still make their salespeople walk the streets and knock on doors, you’re not alone. We have developed an alternative to door to door solar sales that is revolutionizing the industry. Let’s first highlight the reasons why knocking on doors to sell solar just doesn’t work anymore.

Residential solar has been sold door to door for decades. Many solar salespeople that can handle the endless walking and rejection have made a nice living this way. But there are many reasons why door-to-door solar sales has become a worn-out marketing technique and is no longer the best way to sell solar.

1- Homeowners Don’t Want Salespeople Knocking on Their Door

Let’s face it, a very small percentage of people are going to answer their door for someone that they don’t know anymore. Even once a homeowner does open the door, are they going to be receptive to a salesperson who more than likely is interrupting their day? Only the very best and most experienced salesperson is going to be able to convert a less-than-happy homeowner into an appointment. The rest are going to have very little or nothing to show for walking many hours through neighborhoods.

2- High Turnover and Heavy Burn Out

The turnover in solar sales is astronomical. And door-to-door sales is one of the reasons why. Very few salespeople will go through day after day of never-ending door knocking and wind up with an appointment or two, if any before they quit. Even if they get an appointment, they will likely have to come back for that appointment. Over time, even those good at converting homeowners and perhaps enjoy door-to-door solar sales will feel the burnout. It’s a lot of upfront labor for a commission-only job.

3- Door to Door Solar Sales is Simply Unproductive

Using human labor in such an unproductive way while being able to reach homeowners in much more effective ways doesn’t make sense. Online marketing is a way for solar companies to reach thousands with no ongoing human labor and keep their message in front of those who are interested in going solar. Solar salespeople will now be talking to people who at least have an interest in learning more about going solar.

4- Virtual Solar Sales

Since the pandemic, virtual selling has become a mainstream way of selling almost anything and solar is no exception. So instead of door-to-door solar sales, someone can work from the comfort of their home. No more filling up the car with gas every day or two. No more walking the streets in extreme temperatures. Now salespeople can talk to homeowners and not invade their privacy. If they need to do more than one appointment, that homeowner is just a mouse click away.

5- Sell Nationally Not Just Locally

Selling solar virtually has also created the opportunity to sell solar anywhere in the country. Instead of being limited to the local market, a solar salesperson can sell anywhere that their company installs solar. Our company, for instance, installs solar in 30 states. Our salespeople can market and sell in 60% of the U.S.

6- How About Getting Warm Solar Leads?

We have developed a Solar Affiliate Marketing Program where anyone can be compensated for referring someone interested in solar to the company. The best part is that you don’t need to sell solar to be an Affiliate. Homeowner leads developed by the Affiliate get passed to our trained Solar Advisors. When one of their homeowner referrals goes solar, the Affiliate earns 50% of the commission! Anyone who can talk to homeowners online or offline can work with us. This is a great program, especially for those who already interact with homeowners through their existing businesses such as real estate agents, roofers, accountants, pool cleaners, landscapers, and more. Learn more about our Solar Affiliate program.

7- And More Warm Solar Leads…

Those who do want to sell solar with our company can develop a team right away. They can bring in new Advisors who are then encouraged to talk with homeowners that they know about the benefits of installing a solar system. However, because they are new, they must work with a trained Solar Advisor on their 3 sales sale. This creates a situation where our Solar Advisors have a never-ending supply of warm market leads to talk to.

8- Homeowners are More Educated and Have Access to More Information

Door-to-door solar salespeople know that their highest probability sale is one where the homeowner is uneducated about solar and does not take the time to get a proposal from one or two other companies. That is why they are encouraged to close that sale on that first appointment. Even if they do, they must hope that the homeowner doesn’t talk to another company or that salespeople from other solar companies don’t walk that street for a while.

Door-to-door solar salespeople are notorious for trying to get the highest possible price from a homeowner. Why? Because their sales are fewer and further between and because they get paid on a redline model. To learn more about the redline model versus a revenue share model go to Solar Sales Commissions- Redline vs Revenue Share. That is another reason that they hope the homeowner doesn’t do any research. But how many homeowners aren’t going to do some online searching to find out about one of the most expensive investments they’ll ever make in their home? We take a different approach. Our goal is to educate the homeowner first and then sell to them at a very competitive price.

9- Build a Solar Business Instead of Having a Solar Sales Job

Even if everything discussed here about door-to-door solar sales was different, just selling solar over and over again is just a commission-only job. When you stop selling, so does your income. Why not develop a solar business that isn’t just dependent on your making continual sales? Take a look at what we do instead. If you want to just sell initially, no problem. But give yourself some options to start developing a solar business that will produce more income than just your commissions, and support you if you decide to slow down on selling yourself.

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