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Going solar in California is a good decision, especially in Orange County. Whether your utility company is SDG&E or Southern California Edison, you've been hit hard with rate increases in the last few years. However, did you know that SDG&E plans to increase electricity rates by 17.6% in 2024, 10.5% in 2025, 9.2% in 2026, and 7.7% in 2027?  If you're an SCE Customer you know that rates increase by 67% in 2022 and there's no doubt more is on the way. The good news is that we get plenty of sunshine here. That makes installing a solar system a great idea! But what you need now is a great Orange County solar company!

Unfortunately, great solar companies in Orange County aren't easy to find. The solar industry works much like the auto industry where the manufacturer of the car, let's say Ford, doesn't also sell cars. They use dealers to sell the vehicles. They do what they do best and stay out of the selling. That's also true in most cases in solar. The solar installation company concentrates on what they do best but has a network of dealers focusing on marketing and sales. Some installation companies also have an internal sales team. This can create a situation where the solar company has difficulty being top-notch on both sides of the business.

Home Based Solar Sales is an independent solar company. This means that we can work with the best solar dealer and solar installation company. We choose to work with Apricot Solar which is a Master Dealer for the #1 residential solar installation company in the country, Freedom Forever. Freedom Forevers' national headquarters is in Temecula, CA and they have a local branch in Westminster, CA.

The reason that we chose to work with these 2 companies is not only their experience but also their business model and mission. Their goal is to change how customers have been treated by the majority of solar companies in the industry for many years. We want to lower the price of solar for homeowners. Only by doing that can we get a much higher adoption rate by homeowners and start impacting the environment and the load on the California grid. And, by doing so we can help homeowners control their utility costs and better budget their money. To learn more about this mission visit The Solar Disruption Theory.

We have partnered with the most trusted brands in the industry to provide you with the very best solar panels, inverters, and batteries that come with the best warranties in the industry. Freedom Forever has developed a business plan to ensure that they will not only be around in 25 years to provide you with the service that you deserve but long after that as well.


When you go solar with Home Based Solar Sales and Freedom Forever, you'll not only get the benefits of a customized solution for your home and family, but you'll also receive the lowest price in the industry, guaranteed! What makes us the best Orange County solar company?

Benefits of Going Solar with Us:

  • 25-year power production guarantee*
  • 25-year panel module performance guarantee
  • Price match guarantee
  • 99.15% customer satisfaction**
  • 24/7 monitoring of your solar system
  • Only Tier-1 equipment (solar panels, inverters, batteries)
  • Purchase and PPA (Power Purchase Agreement) options are available
  • Dedicated Solar Advisor and Account Manager throughout your project
  • Only Freedom Forever trained and licensed employees will install your system.
  • We will meet you online. No uncomfortable and pressured in-home sales pitch

We were founded on the simple principle that people should have more affordable and cleaner options to meet their energy needs. Since we began operations, we've been laser-focused on residential solar installation with an unmatched 5-star level of customer service. Our company mission is to brighten the world with solar energy today, tomorrow, and forever.

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We make it easy! There is no need to have a salesperson in your home. We meet with you virtually online via Zoom. We will never use aggressive sales tactics nor will we make you feel pressured. Our goal is to educate and inform you about going solar. We believe that once you learn about the benefits of going solar, you can make the best decision for you and your family.

Click the link below. You will be brought to a calendar. Choose the best day and time for you. We have evening and Saturday appointment times available. Be sure to include your email address so that the system can send you a Zoom link and reminders. We look forward to meeting you!

Click Here to Schedule Your Free Solar Consultation

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Home Based Solar Sales Solar Company Customer Review
Home Based Solar Sales Customer Review
Home Based Solar Sales Customer Review


Just click the link below and choose the best day and time for you. Please have all decision-makers available for this appointment. Our first meeting will be a consultation. We will ask you about your goals and you can ask us anything that you like. If you decide to allow us to put together a free, no-obligation, customized design and proposal for your home, we will need a copy of your most recent utility bill and a picture of your main electrical panel. We will then schedule the next meeting to present that information to you.

Click the link below. You will be brought to a calendar. Choose the best day and time for you. We have evening and Saturday appointment times available. Be sure to include your email address so that the system can send you a Zoom link and reminders. We look forward to meeting you!

Click Here to Schedule Your Solar Consultation

* Freedom Forever monitors your system and guarantees that your solar system will produce the electricity we promise it will with our 25-Year Production Guarantee. We monitor your system and if it ever breaks or falls short on power generation, we fix it and reimburse you for any lost savings. With the Freedom Forever 25-year production guarantee, you get 25 years of worry-free power from the sun. It's that simple.

** Freedom Forever has helped over 100,000 homeowners go solar in the last 3 years. As of 10-14-23, the Better Business Bureau has received 847 complaints (.85%). All of these complaints have been closed. 99.15% of all homeowners have had a satisfactory or better experience with Freedom Forever.