Home-Based Solar Sales

•No Experience Needed    •Earn While You Learn
•Unlimited Warm Market Lead Potential    •Sell Nationally
•Build a Team and Get Paid on All Sales!

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Dale & Shirley Guiducci are veterans of the direct sales industry. In fact, they met while working with a direct sales company in 1994. Dale has traveled the country teaching people how to build large, productve sales teams.

Meredith Marder is a successful business owner in the Events industry. She has worked with some of the biggest and most successful direct sales companies in the world.

home based solar sales team

We are Changing the Way Solar is Sold to Homeowners

We are an independent representative of the #3 solar company in the U.S. We have over 3,000 solar advisors that sell solar to homeowners from their home offices. But that doesn't begin to tell our story.

Our goal is to change the way solar is sold to homeowners. Traditionally solar had been sold in a manner unfavorable to homeowners. Because homeowners are typically uneducated about solar power, it has been easy for salespeople and solar companies to take advantage of this lack of knowledge and sell them a solar system that is overpriced and not sized correctly for their energy needs.

We educate homeowners about how solar works in their favor. We are bringing information and education about the benefits and value proposition of going solar to homeowners across our country in a more efficient and cost-effective manner and without the need of a salesperson to come to their homes.

Would You Like to Join Us?

If you are looking for a new career or a side hustle that can help homeowners, improve environmental conditions, and make money for you and your family while working from home, visit Solar Sales from Home to learn more.

Are you an experienced Solar Pro? Think of selling solar to homeowners around the country with no door knocking and on your schedule. How about eliminating the redline commission model so that you can be more competitive and still make a fair commission? Visit Sell Solar from Home.

Are you a Digital Marketing Expert or Lead Generation Pro but don't want to learn the technical side of the business or do sales? You'll be teamed up with a Solar Pro and earn commissions on all sales.

Are you in Real Estate, Mortgage, a Contractor, an Insurance Agent, or involved in another business where you network with homeowners? Add another income stream to your existing business.

Do you have experience in team building as a Network Marketing Pro? Build a team of people that refer homeowners to our Solar Pros or become a Solar Pro yourself.


Save Time & Money

Think of how many homeowners around the country you can educate about the benefits of going solar without driving to homes all over your city.


Proprietary Technology

Create solar designs and proposals from the comfort of your own home and on your schedule using your PC or laptop.


Build a Solar Sales Team

You can earn a significant income doing sales on your own. But you can earn far more by building a team of solar advisors and earning overrides on every sale that they do.