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Solar Sales Career – Is It Right for You?

Something about our job ad caught your attention. Excellent! Now let’s tell you about who we are, why our business model is so unique, and what would be expected of you if you were to start a solar sales career with us.

The best way to start this process is to hear from Home-Based Solar Sales Co-Founder and Apricot Solar Junior Partner, Dale Guiducci. The video below will give you more than just the basics. It may give you enough to get you extremely excited and want to learn more by scheduling a Zoom meeting with us. Or it may help you make a decision that our company is not the right fit for you. Either way, our purpose is to help you make that decision. You are looking for a career and can’t waste time on something that isn’t going to achieve your goals. And, if it is the right fit, let’s go!

To Get Started with Home Based Solar Sales & Apricot Solar

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Home Based Solar Sales Founder and Apricot Solar Junior Partner, Dale Guiducci