sell solar from anywhere

Sell Solar from Anywhere
Using the Latest Technology

Believe it or not, the solar industry can now use the same technology as employed on the Mars rover and with self-driving cars. It’s called LIDAR. LIDAR stands for light detection and ranging. LIDAR was used as early as the 1960s by NASA scientists for research. It is used to make precise measurements and/or three-dimensional models over a specific area. Technological improvements and cost reductions have given the solar industry access to this marvel allowing us to sell solar from anywhere. For a deeper dive into LIDAR visit, How LIDAR is Transforming Remote Solar Sales and System Design.

LIDAR allows our software to make precise measurements of roof planes and design solar panel systems that meet the energy usage of a home. Along with irradiance, this allows a Solar Advisor to make decisions about the best layout of solar panels to capture the most energy from the sun. This can all be done by simply inputting the address of a home anywhere. No site visits are needed. This is the first piece that allows us, and potentially you, to sell solar from anywhere such as a home office.

irradiance from the sun
Showing the irradiance from the sun allows a Solar Advisor to choose where to place panels on a home.
solar panels on a home
Based on the irradiance the panels are placed where they will absorb the most energy from the sun.
3D view of a home
The software allows us to see the home from any angle

This software is integrated with our parent company’s CRM system and our finance company’s software. The 3 combined allow us to go from lead creation to system design to system cost sometimes in as little as 30 minutes. This can be done from any standard laptop or PC and from anywhere in the world.

Enter Zoom Teleconferencing

Once the design is finalized and we have priced the system to reduce the homeowner’s monthly energy bill, we can now present the finished proposal to the homeowner. This is done via Zoom. Zoom has become an accepted form of receiving visual and auditory information in recent years and even more so since the pandemic. In fact, Zoom has around 300 million daily meeting participants. 64% of Zoom customers use it to talk to their friends and family. Zoom has become mainstream.

sell solar from anywhere
A solar design presented via Zoom

So, you see that you can sell solar from anywhere. This opens the solar sales profession to just about anyone that has sales skills or wants to learn them. But we’ve taken it one step further. We also team people that like the marketing side of the business, but not necessarily the sales side, with those that do like to sell. Marketers of all kinds can bring homeowners that are interested in learning about the benefits and financial savings of going solar to the person that wants to sell solar. The marketer markets and the seller sells. It’s a synergistic relationship that is creating a massive expansion in our company.

If you’d like to learn more about a part-time or full-time career with us, visit Solar Sales From Home – We’re Changing the Solar Industry. Watch our detailed business overview video on that page, Just below the video you’ll be able to schedule a phone appointment with us to learn more and get your questions answered. We are looking for people that want to earn big while they help save this planet for the next generation.