build a solar sales team

Build a Solar Sales Team
and Work from Home

John D. Rockefeller was the 2nd wealthiest human that ever lived. That’s amazing considering the wealth of people like Elon Musk, Jeff Bezos, Bill Gates, and Warren Buffett. He is credited with a quote that is so profound that it has changed the lives of millions of people across the globe including my own. These words are the basis for why you should build a solar sales team if you’re going to be in the solar business.

John D Rockefeller quote

John D. Rockefeller

All that Rockefeller was trying to say here, is that if you’re in sales and you only get paid when you sell, you are not maximizing the opportunity to earn income. If you can find others that can sell what you sell and get paid every time a sale is made, you will earn a lot more income. And you’ll be insulated from times when you cannot or choose not to work. Your income will keep coming in because the team will still be working.

Why Build a Solar Sales Team

You might not have built a team of people before because you weren’t involved in an opportunity that gave you that ability. Perhaps you were but didn’t see the value of doing so or felt that it was too much work. Or maybe you have the view that people won’t work hard enough to be successful, and they won’t stick with it anyway.

A point about people not working hard enough or not sticking with it, that’s true for most. However, to find those that will not only work hard and stick with it but do more sales than you, you must build a large team.

Solar is the Hottest Opportunity on the Planet

Solar is hot. The solar topic is interesting. Solar is the wave of the future. And it can help save the planet. Everyone wants to talk about solar. The point is that it’s not hard to find people that want to get involved in the solar industry.

The state of the economy also makes it easy to build a solar sales team. People are looking for ways to add to their income or change careers completely. Where can someone go and make between $1,500 and $3,000 and possibly more for an hour of their time? Nowhere. Think about asking someone if they are interested in earning that kind of money by showing people a 15-minute video and getting a copy of their utility bill. How many would jump all over that?

We Make It Easy to Build a Solar Sales Team

But our company makes it easy too. There is the opportunity that I just mentioned. Use word of mouth, social media, digital marketing, and other ways of marketing to have homeowners look at a 15-minute video and then send in a utility bill. From there one of our Solar Advisors does all the heavy lifting of building the design and proposal and making the presentation. The person who got the utility bill gets 50% of the commission.

Then we have those that are technical and can sell. They can not only earn full commissions of anywhere from $3,000 to $6,000 or more when they generate the homeowner lead, but they can also simply get leads given to them by those that are generating them and split the commission. They can make $1,500 and $3,000 and possibly more per sale they split. And because they don’t have to spend any time generating the lead, they can make a sale or two a day. Keep in mind these leads are qualified. These people have already seen a promotional video, know about our company, and have had their objections overcome. They are interested in going solar.

build a solar sales team
Work with your team from home

We Train Them for You

When you bring someone in that either want to just do the marketing or wants to become a Solar Advisor and do the selling, our company trains them for you. We have training every day Monday through Friday via Zoom. We have daytime sessions and nighttime sessions. You plug them into our system and stay in contact with them while they are in training. That’s it. Will some people quit? Yes, of course. Will most not do much? Yes, because most people do not want to commit to their own success. But will some make you tens of thousands of dollars and perhaps more? Yes, and that’s why you want to build a solar sales team.

Why Not Build a Solar Sales Team?

Why not have people on your team that are trained to get qualified leads and others that are trained to sell solar systems to homeowners, work together to make sales? And every time a sale is made you earn an average override of $1,400.

Think of it this way. How many utility bills could you get a month? Or how many solar sales could you make a month? Your time for selling is limited. What if you had 10 people getting utility bills and 10 more selling solar systems? And when they make a sale, you get $1,400 on average. When you build a solar sales team your time for selling grows exponentially. And, therefore so does your income.

But here’s where John D. Rockefeller’s quote really comes into play. If you were selling on your own what would happen to your income when you take time off? Or if you get sick? Or, at some point, you don’t want to work at all? It would stop. But when you have a team, your income never stops because your team doesn’t stop working.

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