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Sell Solar from Home

If you have wanted to sell solar in the past but thought the only way to do it was to walk neighborhoods and knock on doors, you will be excited to hear that we’ve changed that. By using proprietary technology and online video conferencing, we have put together a team of trained Solar Advisors that sell solar from home to homeowners all over the U.S. Solar sales from home is more time efficient and opens up the solar industry to everyone.

And homeowners love it. They don’t have to let a stranger into their house or clean the place up. They just jump on Zoom and watch a presentation from one of our Solar Advisors about the value proposition and benefits of installing solar. Since the pandemic people are more comfortable with Zoom and prefer it over having a salesperson in their homes.

What We Are Not

We are not an MLM or network marketing company. You do not have to pay anything to be part of our Solar Advisor team and sell solar from home. And we are not a new start-up company. We are a division of the marketing and sales arm of the #3 solar company in the country that produced over $800 million in revenue in 2021.

This next point is important to us so please take it to heart. We are not a high-pressure sales company that tries to close everyone on the first appointment. We take an educational, soft-sell approach and understand that it takes people time to make a decision. Explaining the value proposition to a homeowner in terms of what they can save by going solar, is more than enough to sell solar.

Earn While You Learn

Do you know any homeowners? As a Solar Advisor Trainee, your job is to talk to homeowners that you already know. You show them a 15-minute video on our company and the benefits of going solar and ask them if they would like a free, no-obligation energy savings analysis.

You’ll send the utility bill to the Certified Trainer that you’ll be working with. She/he will design the solar system and prepare the analysis. The two of you will then present that analysis to your homeowner via Zoom. When the homeowner decides to go solar you will split the commission with your Trainer. You do that 3 times and you will become a Certified Trainer and be able to earn full commissions on your sales.

Where Do You Get Leads?

Once you have exhausted the list of homeowners that you know, where do you get leads to sell solar? That’s an important question. There are typically 2 types of people in sales. There are those that love the marketing side of the business and those that do not and would rather just do sales. That is why many that sell solar work for companies that provide them with cold leads. They just want to do sales. If this is you, we have a solution for you.

sell solar from home

Never-Ending Warm Market Referrals –
Build a Solar Sales Team

We have discovered a way for our Solar Advisors who want to sell solar from home to produce a never-ending source of homeowners to talk with. Build a sales team! How would that get you homeowners to talk to about solar? Because just like you, when they come in as a Solar Advisor Trainee, they need to produce utility bills from homeowners that they know. You will prepare the proposals and do the presentations and split those sales commissions with your Trainees. You can have a steady stream of homeowner leads that you do not have to generate yourself. In fact, you could have so many that it will be hard to keep up with.

On top of that, when you are promoted to the next level in our company, you will now earn overrides on every person on your team. To understand more about our compensation plan, be sure to watch the business overview video below.

What if You Prefer Marketing
and Talking to Homeowners?

Let’s say you enjoy marketing. If you didn’t want to design solar systems, build proposals, and do presentations to homeowners, you don’t have to.  You could use various ways to generate homeowner leads and work with one of our Certified Trainers and just keep splitting the commissions as you did when you were a Trainee.

This is a great approach for people with a full-time job or who otherwise just don’t have the time to design solar systems and put together proposals. It takes roughly an hour to show a homeowner our 15-minute video, get their utility bill to your Trainer, and eventually jump on a Zoom to view the presentation. If you could earn $1,500 to $3,500 for doing that, how many homeowners would you talk to?

Who Already Talks to Homeowners?

You could network with people that already interact with homeowners. Think of people that you know in the real estate or mortgage industry. How many people have they sold homes to in the last 5 to 10 years while the market has been so red hot? Now that the market is not as good for them maybe they would be open to a way to generate some income. What if you offered them a $500 to $1,000 referral fee for every sale that you made? Based on the average commission on a solar sale you could earn several times that amount per sale or more.

The same applies to roofing contractors, pool contractors, landscapers, insurance agents, accountants, and many more professions. You can even offer homeowners that you know the same type of referral fee whether or not they go solar.

For the complete story on how you can sell solar from home watch the video below. Then click the icon to schedule a phone appointment with us to get all your questions answered and get started in your new solar business if that’s what you decide to do.

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