marketing solar

Get Paid for Marketing Solar to Homeowners

The solar industry is booming! New financing options and a 30% government tax credit have set solar on fire. If you enjoy sales, this is the time to get involved in selling solar. But what if you are great at marketing or simply enjoy talking to people, and do not like doing sales? Is there a way for you to get involved in the growth of the solar industry? Yes, with our company there is! We have developed a system for marketing solar that will pay you on every sale without you preparing the proposal, making the presentation, or closing the sale!

There are people that want to sell solar from home but aren’t good at or don’t enjoy marketing solar and producing leads. We team you up with one or more of them and you simply keep sending them qualified, interested homeowners. Would you be able to contact homeowners, share a 15-minute video with them, and forward their utility bill to one of our Solar Advisors? If you can, you will split the commission on that sale with the Solar Advisor.

Refer Homeowners & Get Paid Even if You have Little Time

Our Promotional Video That You Would Share with Homeowners

Richard Karn, the co-star of the hit TV show, Home Improvement, and host of Family Feud, is our spokesperson. In this video, he overcomes every objection to going solar that homeowners might have. The video also builds credibility for our solar company. People see that they can save tens of thousands of dollars, lock in a lower monthly energy payment, and add value to their homes with no money out of their pocket. They are then excited to provide you with their utility bill.

You might have experience in online or digital marketing. That’s perfect. Use that skill for marketing solar and run campaigns to attract homeowners. Contacting people through social media is another way to generate interest in solar. You also may just be great at talking with people. Whatever your specific skill or talent, you simply need to get people to watch this video. Then get them to send you their utility bill. If you can do that then you can earn a strong income in the solar business.

If you’re excited and want to learn more, click the icon below to schedule a phone appointment with us. Let’s talk. We’ll get to know each other and get your questions answered. By the way, this is 100% virtual so you can do it from anywhere in the world!