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Women in Solar Sales – Are They at Risk?

Unfortunately, professional saleswomen simply trying to do their job are sometimes putting themselves at risk. When a woman is working alone, especially when inside a home, she becomes a target. Women in solar sales that canvass neighborhoods and knock on doors are no different. There are many stories of saleswomen being attacked in homes. A recent ordeal in Las Vegas saw a real estate agent attacked in July of 2022 after the suspect entered the model home she was showing.

Another young saleswoman was threatened at knife point while in a home and was forced to the suspect's bedroom. She used her phone to contact her manager who then called the police. The police were able to knock down the door before she was seriously assaulted. When doing any type of in-home sales, the salesperson whether male or female, is at a certain amount of risk. However, women are at far more risk.

Solar Saleswomen Can Work from Home

A career in solar sales for a woman can be a very lucrative and rewarding one. However, why subject yourself to walking into strangers’ homes? You will not know what’s on the other side of that door. Instead, why not do solar sales from home? We have a national team of female and male solar salespeople that work from home or anywhere they choose.

Women in solar sales that work at home can work full or part-time and care for their families at the same time. They can control their schedule and earn the same or more income than a door-to-door solar salesperson. Plus, they can sell solar to homeowners all over the country. Our salespeople can also build a team of other salespeople and earn overrides on their team's production.

You might ask how solar can be sold from home. Because of our technology and software, our Solar Advisors can create solar designs and proposals and present those proposals to homeowners via Zoom.

An Even More Flexible Solar Sales Opportunity

If generating homeowner leads, designing solar systems and closing sales takes too much of a women’s time she may want to simply generate the leads. She can then turn those leads over to another Solar Advisor. That person can create the solar system and proposal and then present it to the homeowner with the lead generator. When the homeowner decides to go solar, they split the commission.

Learn More About a Career for Women in Solar

If you want to learn more, visit our main Solar Sales from Home Page. There you’ll be able to read more details and watch a Business Overview video. If after watching the video, you would like to speak with us you can schedule a phone appointment. We’ll get to know each other and answer any questions that you have.