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Solar Sales Jobs are Not All Alike

If you’re looking at the many solar sales jobs listed on the internet it may appear that the only difference between them is the company for whom you’d be selling. In most cases this is true. Most solar companies follow the old and tired method of using door-to-door appointment setters to get their salespeople leads. Or they use digital marketing to generate leads. Or even worse, they buy leads for their salespeople.

There's a New and Better Way To Sell Solar

If this is the business model you’re used to and are looking for then you won’t have a problem finding a solar company to hire you. But one thing you may not realize is that all solar sales jobs are not the same. The solar industry is changing and there is a new and better way of doing things. Just like new ideas changed industries like retail, hospitality, banking, and the way we get rides, companies like ours are changing solar.

You could work cold leads generated by younger, less experienced people while canvassing neighborhoods. You could also rely on very cold leads coming off the internet, that are scheduled and require you to be available when you don’t want to be. In both cases, you need to run up the miles on your car and spend a ton on gas. In some cases, you’d drive to a home 50 miles away and the homeowner isn’t there or they don’t answer the door. Even if they are home, walking into a strange home alone can feel a bit uncomfortable, especially for women in solar.

But what if you only talked to homeowners that were referred to you? Not cold leads, but warm contacts that have been qualified. How would life be different if you controlled your schedule and worked only when your family didn’t need you? How about instead of driving hundreds of miles a week, you worked from home and met homeowners through teleconferencing?

Here's a Big Difference in Solar Sales Jobs

If what I just described sounds better than what the other companies offer, there is one more very important difference I want to share with you. It’s about the way you get paid in most solar sales jobs. It’s called the redline. If you are paid on a redline commission model, you get a set number that you cannot go below. Solar systems are sold on a price per-watt or PPW basis. The company gives you a PPW. If you sell the solar system above that PPW you get to keep the difference.

It may sound ok so far. But there are 2 problems with it. The first is that the PPW or redline you’re given is so high that to be competitive you need to sell very close to that redline. Therefore, there’s not a lot left over for you. The other problem is when you drop your price to win a deal, no one but you takes a hit on the profit. The company and management above you always get their share.

We do that differently too. We use a revenue share solar sales commission model. There’s no redline. If you need to reduce your price to compete against another company and win, everyone takes the hit with you. This ensures that you get a fair commission because after all, that sale wouldn’t get done without you!

Experienced Solar Pros are re-energizing their career with us

Build a Career in Solar

Here's the last point I'll make and then you decide if you'd like to get the details. Instead of selling solar day after day, month after month, year after year. And getting burned out like the majority of solar salespeople do. What if you could start managing your own team from day one? Oh, and we'll train them for you. With our model, you can work your way into a position of generating overrides on every sale done on your team. If you build that team big enough and share your expertise with them, you won't have to sell forever. In fact, you could be done selling in just a year or two.

So, if you want to work warm leads, do it from home, and get paid more fairly you can because not all solar sales jobs are the same. Yes, I know you have questions. So, to get those questions answered and to schedule an appointment to get to know us better, go to Solar Sales from Home. There you can read more and watch a detailed business overview video. If you like what you see schedule that appointment!