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The Best Solar Affiliate Program

Affiliate marketing has exploded in recent years as people look for a way to earn income from home. Some work in affiliate marketing part-time and others have turned it into an uber-successful full-time career. And yes, there are already solar affiliate marketing programs out there. But there is nothing like the program we just launched. This is why we’re saying that this is the best solar affiliate program in America!

Now, typically affiliate marketing involves driving traffic to web pages and embedding cookies in pages to generate leads. If that’s all you want to do, there are many programs out there like Jackery, Renogy, Solar Direct, and more. With these types of affiliate programs, you are driving traffic to their website. If the client buys a product, you make a commission. You can find a list at affilimate. But the most you’ll make from any of these is 7%. And most are at 5% or below.

Earn Way More in Commissions!

With our solar affiliate program, you are looking for people that have an interest in installing a residential solar system, not just buying a piece of equipment. This is a bigger ticket item so not only do you have a bigger price to get a commission from, but you also make 50% of the commission! Yes, that’s right. An average solar sale can generate a $5,000 commission or more, and our Affiliates make 50% of the commission. That is why we are telling you that it is the very best solar affiliate program in existence.

Ok, so what’s the catch, right? And yes, there is one. We are not just looking for the contact information of the homeowner. If that’s all we have, then we have an unqualified lead. Unqualified leads are worth very little to us. We can generate those ourselves. We want our Affiliates to get us the electric bill. If the homeowner is at least serious enough to give up their electric bill, there is at least a commitment there.

This is Not Just for Oline Marketers

So, can you do affiliate marketing online? Yes. But we also have Affiliates that find other ways to connect with homeowners. In some cases, our Solar Affiliates run a business that already interacts with homeowners such as real estate, mortgage, roofing, home improvement, pool cleaning, landscaping, and more.

Some of our Affiliates are simply well-connected in their communities or have built organizations in a direct sales or network marketing company. Can you imagine offering your organization the opportunity to earn thousands each time they refer someone who goes solar while you also earn a bonus on each sale? Are you getting this?

solar affiliate program

When our Solar Affiliates register with us, they get a back office with a portal to input the homeowner information and upload the electric bill. That lead then goes directly to a trained and certified solar advisor that will act upon it immediately. And you'll know who that person is. You'll be able to reach out to them and monitor the progress of the sale and your commission.

More About Us

We are the fastest-growing solar dealer in the U.S. and represent the #2 solar installation company in the country. Our installation territory is 30 states which means that you can market to homeowners in 60% of the country. We use only the best tier-1 equipment because we guarantee the production of a solar system for 25 years. If the system doesn’t produce what we say it will, we pay for any lost energy and add to the system if necessary for that homeowner free of charge.

So, if you want to make 5% once in a blue moon then there are other solar affiliate marketing programs out there for you to look at. But if you want to earn 50% more often because you are giving us a better lead to work with, then come work with the best solar affiliate program on the planet!

To learn more about our company visit Solar Sales from Home to watch a video about us.

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