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How to Start a Solar Business

Let’s assume that you have been working in the solar industry for some time and for one or more of a variety of reasons, you have decided to start a solar business on your own. In my opinion, it’s a great decision. You are taking your employee hat off and putting on your entrepreneur crown. You are tired of building someone else’s company and making them an incredible profit. Plus, the solar industry is about to enter a new phase of market adoption and you can take far more advantage of it when you own your own company.

That being said, becoming a solar dealer is not so easy. I’m going to list the items you’ll need to get done to start a solar business that I retrieved from Aurora Solar.

What You'll Need to Start a Solar Business

  • Establish an LLC and Corporate Bank Account
  • Get Business Insurance
    • General Liability
    • Workman’s Compensation
    • Automobile Liability
    • General Liability
  • Find a Reputable Solar Installation Company
    • Negotiate Compensation (Avoid a redline model. For more on this visit Redline vs Revenue Share)
    • Negotiate the Use of Their System Design Software
    • Obtain Licenses for Your Company and Your Salespeople if necessary
  • Develop a Lead Generation System or Assign Salespeople to Door Knock
  • Develop a Training Program for Salespeople
  • Hire Staff to Process Payroll, Taxes, and Other Administrative Tasks
  • Marketing items such as flyers, business cards, name tags

These are the essential items that you need to get handled. But there will be many other less essential but still important tasks to accomplish.

Here’s the biggest challenge that you’ll have to face even if you get all this done and you open up your new solar business. You’ll need to run it and pay out a large amount of money to your employees before you start earning profit to put in your own pocket. Only when you reach a certain sales volume will you be able to absorb the cost of your overhead and pay yourself profit. Unfortunately, that’s the downside when you start a solar business, or any business for that matter.

There’s a Better Way to Start a Solar Business

What if all those items listed above that are needed to start a solar business were already handled for you? You wouldn’t need to get an LLC unless you wanted one. You wouldn’t need insurance, find a solar installation company, no redline, no need to develop a training system, and no admin to worry about.

Instead, you could:

  • Work from Home
  • Represent a Solar Company that Installs in 29 States
  • No Door Knocking
  • No Ongoing and Never-ending Lead Generation
  • Build a National Solar Sales Team
  • Plug That Team into an Established Training Program
  • Use the Best System Design Software
  • Work with the Top Solar Finance Company
  • No Need to Worry About Installation Sub-Contractors
  • No Need to Worry About Supply Chain Problems with Equipment
  • Not Spend a Dime to Get Started (No Investment, None)
  • And You Could Start Today!
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All of the Advantages with No Headaches and No Cost

With our business model, you would have all of the advantages of starting your own dealer business without having to do all the work. Why? Because it’s already been done for you. We have developed a system (Save Your Self Time, Energy, & Money) that you can leverage to own a solar business that you can build as large as you like (29 states and more coming) and sell it when/if you want to.

If this sounds like something you should look into visit Solar Sales Business to read more and watch our business overview video. If you like what you see, you can quickly schedule a Zoom meeting with us to get your questions answered and take a deeper dive into how to start a solar business with us.